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“Your clients want to get to know who is behind your business, to be able to trust you and connect.

I see too many incredibly good entrepreneurs and professionals who hide behind their business, who let their reputation just happen instead of building it, and waist the only asset which is yours forever: YOU.

You own your story, we help you tell it.

Because being the best is a waste, if no one sees it.”



My mission is to make you the best ambassador for your company, a key person of interest in your field, both professionally and socially.
In our reputation economy, your strength is in your ability to attract, inspire and influence your clients through an authentic human connection that makes you irreplaceable.

With my team, we help you create your Personal Brand and publicize it in person and online (with social media, website, images and videos) so you can stand out and make a difference.


Book a call with me to see if and how we can help you: discover the best strategy for you.

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    Our goal is to assess your current Personal Brand, see what other people think of you and evaluate if your online and offline presence and representation are aligned with who you really are today and your competences and values. Based on the results of the assessment, we will plan the steps to reposition your personal brand correctly.

    Working with hundreds of clients, I developed exclusive questionnaires that allow us to really get to the core of who you are today and what you want to be remembered for: there’s no one-fits-all solution, it’s PERSONAL.

    These are the 3 pillars we will work on:


    Marketing analysis, centered on your competences, professional history and field, to identify your competitive positioning.


    Sociological analysis, we study the social dynamics you are immersed in and how to represent the right ideas and values for your target group.


    Psychological analysis: we delve into your personality, ideals and behavior in order to select which aspect of yourself must be immediately visible through your brand.


    Our clients experience

    • «In my past experiences as a salesman I experimented first-hand how a correct Personal Brand can raise your conversion up to 300%, and that is what happened with my promotional videos as I collaborated with Claudia Barberis.

      I decided to offer that same opportunity to my commercial team too, and the results are speaking for themselves, both in terms of numbers and motivation: it allowed us to restart with new energy and strategy».

      CEO IMC Holding
    • “I worked with Claudia Barberis on a personal branding project for my companies and it was my first time tackling this topic. Claudia was great,she listened, respected everybody’s ideas and analyzed the situation in an excellent way. I had never thought that projecting the right persona was so relevant in business: I understood how fundamental it is to communicate the right message to our clients. Never again without it! They were definitely money well spent, I highly recommend to not underestimate this aspect in your company».

    • «In our company training, my objective was to give my new consultants the right guidelines in order for them to be able to present themselves with authority and to be good ambassadors for our brand. It is essential that they can make an impression on the clients meeting them for the first time, avoiding any doubts on their reliability, competence and alignment to the job.

      Everyone found it eye opening, it was a very deep dive in personal branding, and Claudia covered also those “small” details which can make you lose all your negotiation advantage if you neglect them.

      Both the structure and the themes were illuminating and out of the ordinary, with a huge impact»

    • «Claudia is the right consultant to perfect your public persona. Moreover, she gives you access to an exclusive network of related professional and insider spots Not to be missed.»

      Entrepreneur and CEO Rifra Srl
    • I decided to contact Claudia Barberis because I needed to build a personal brand that was coherent with my company reputation.

      Through a guided process, Claudia defined precisely all the steps to reach my goal and implemented them with her professional team (video maker, photographer, studio, bespoke tailoring).

      Since it was my first time working professionally on my personal positioning, I didn’t know well what to expect but I knew exactly what I wanted to obtain from it,
      and it was fully delivered.

      I recommend Claudia to all those entrepreneurs who don’t want to leave anything to chance and who think that your brand is important and it’s imperative to curate it as you would do with any other personal and corporate asset.


      Entrepreneur and investor